Your Custom Piece

Your Journey

What Artistic Addition Are You Looking For

Is it a full kitchen backsplash, a backsplash insert, window treatments, a triptych for your wall niche or a stand alone art piece? Whatever the design, Dos Sirenas loves the opportunity to work with you to create that “one of a kind” artistic statement for your home.

How We Begin The Journey

Depending on the size and scope of the project, our first meeting will be at your home or at our studio. We will view where the artistic element will reside to ensure it flows with the rest of the area, from color to size to design. We will discuss how you wish to display the work hanging from a wall, tiled and grouted or in a custom designed stand. We will then develop some sketches for your review. Many times, the end result will be a combination of several sketches into a final design.

Studio Visit

Once you have finalized a design, then a visit to our studio is in order to choose glass colors and textures. At this stage we discuss the affects of different types of glass and we will fire samples for your final selections. Once the glass has been chosen, we can then finalize pricing, sign an order and take a deposit.

Building The Artwork

Fused glasswork takes multiple firings of an art piece to reach its finished design. Depending on the complexity of the piece, we may send you pictures between firings to discuss placement of specific elements to ensure they “feel right” to you.

The Finished Piece

Your custom artwork is now ready! If installation is necessary we either personally complete or oversee the installation. It is now time for you to have a party and show off the new addition to your home!